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Lol, I'm here to enterain and be entertained.

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Mackity is fat, can't rap, can't draw, can't beat me, and is garbage at everything.



On opposite day.


Half of that isn't true on opposite day. I'm fat, I can draw but not better than you.. and rapping.. you're good at it.. but I never really battled you... there was that pussies diss but i only replied to andrew so as of now.. we can't determine who is g in rap. i like garbage though, it tastes good.

yo Jersey Endless got 3 new songs up...check them out and tell me what you think.

Will do, just as long as you check mine out too.. a review would be nice as well my dude.

preciate you comin by and listening. always like to get a fresh perspective.

keep doin your thang over there - i see ya!

:D thanks, you too yo

ur a piece of shit that will never rap as good as i do, battle me if u think differently

Kellz, If you care that much to come to my page and insult me you must love me fam. I appreciate you taking the time out of your day and dedicating it to me. But I don't do internet beef. Sorry. Come to Bronx New York. When you get here hit me up and I'll give you my adress. After that we can do our little battle, freestyle. spittin wirrtens. anything you want. and if it really comes down to it, bring ya mans.. we can fight too. but if thats not the case then i apologize because i could care less about you being so far away.

i like to leave comments, they are fun, your picture is very red, 7 days till the NG tank awards, whatever those are, anyway, i would just like to reiterate something killbillvolume400 said...


Eat Butt homie


i was told by mista lipz himself that you dont like me now im just coming to get clarification from the mac himself merry christmas by the way

lol uh, its simple really. i heard you and that fag nigga linx was talkin some hot shit, if its true then hell yea i dont like you. lipz is my mans and shit but if he beefin wit some nigga over rap i aint gonna disrespect the nigga jus cuz lipz is my nigga but what i heard was that you came out ya mouth about me. if its wrong then fuck it we cool, if he correct then u heard right, i dont like you. and tell ya boy linx to come see me for the 1 on, he bein pussy.

i saw ur review for extract96s audio submission. yea i like eminem to. hes a great rapper. :3

haha yeah thats one of the best.

first off bro ima tell you like this bro i never had anything against you bro n***as is talkin mad trash behind my back but i dont give a shit really and honestly bro i didnt say shit about you but i did say you a coo dude n***a just look it like this man why would i agree to collab and then say o fuck that n***a makes no sense for reals its koo though if you believe them fake ass lies but stay up mack

yo look my nigga if you say you ain't say it then ill take ya word for it we cool. i aint got no time for beef you feel me lol even if you did say it i was gonna let it rock and keep doin what i do ya dig ? i heard some shit about you sayin our names was slimcredible and mackity crack now or some shit, honestly.. that shit sound hot to me lmao regaurdless if it was a lie or not. but yeah like i said, we cool if u aint say it but that dont mean my nigga knowledge is gonna stop lol that nigga dont get enough. but yeah yo stay up my nigga. lol

honestly i cleared shit with lipz ifhe hearing shit too than man i dnt know cuz i dnt talk to nobody on this site anymore i moved on ya dig tell lipz to stop believing the internet gangstas and do him cuz we done spoke and again i aint said shit bout u but peace bruh like i said why would i say lets collab and then be like fuck that nig makes no sense

no doubt my nigga, so fuck it we good lol.

lipz listen bro you letting me slide nikka i can careless if you wanna kill me or hate me bro im just clearing shit up i didnt say shit about mack at all nikka i have no reason too and if peeps keep saying i am well just look at like this bro people dnt want anyone being affiliated with me because of lejins bullshit plus im a beast peace nikkas

no i didnt call him that we were talking on aim and i said a joke to you but i didnt say shit bout them remember i came to you and said yo fuck the beef, and yes i talked shit but that was before i came to you on aim my nig ash honestly is a bitch nuff said.

After reading all of this, I feel inclined to add my own opinion to this whole situations:

There it is :)



cocks are very Jee




daugh..... friendly.

dude, what the fuck you coming at me for? I make a joke track and you take offense. Shit man, it's a joke.


Well... now that minor misunderstanding is cleared up...

rakoon is a fake.....simple as that

it's funny how he said ya looking for me when ya know which building i live in

i go outside everyday and trust me ya n***as is never on my block (by ya i mean you and frank)

this really didn't need to come down to violence it's just a website, i expressed how i felt about the arab money track (that track sucks donkey dick)

and i think rak is a hypocrite........mack you talk mad shit but i still decided to be cool with you lol

tryna say im gay when you only had one girl (from what i know)

that's why me and james was cutting as when she came over holding a kingdom hearts game lmaooooo

at the end of the day i never did anything bad to you intentionally but you decided to dick ride frank being that he's your bro without really knowing about the full situation,

you said i've been fake ever since i started rapping yet you were asking ME for advice and i advertised your bum ass myspace page.....so who's being fake??

i kept it 100% with everyone

you always said some shit in front of my face then said something else behind my back......and we all know you was tight at me over the debbie situation lol

andrew is a cool ass n***a....mpz is a cool ass n***a......everyone we use to chill with is mad cool

your just fake.....rakoon is fake.......and rachet can't rap....simple

i told you to peep my tracks and you said "no" i was being polite and you still decided to be a dick

two weeks later you telling me to review your song.....what kinds shit is that my G??

other than that it's really no beef....your just fake ass fuck

and rakoon threatened me first so you need to get your facts right

step your game up!!!


Lol, my "game" been on top of yours my nigga. The "one" girl you knew me to have is my main bitch and shit which is way better than havin some bitch who i couldnt see 3 nah.. not even twice a week cuz the bitch dont even live in NYC. The more I keep tellin Frank yo dont even worry bout that beef shit.. the more you bring your tall yellow ass to talk some shit. If we do come my nigga YOU KNOW you not beatin me or Frank, you KNOW how the fuck I get down Linx like seriously you know I ain't even some type a thug nigga who fight alot or none of that and still at the same time kno I knocks the shit outta niggas when they deserve the shit.. the reason why we throw out the little "we know where you live" shit at you is cuz like Lipz said below, you said it to us BEFORE ANY OF THIS SHIT STARTED so we we jus simply returnin the favor if you think about it. i aint even tryna argue online no more cuz that shit is really not me.. like nigga.. honestly when i sent you the link to that song it was cuz Grim fucks wit you and when I asked em "does linx still vote or review any of your shit?" he said yea so i linked it to you JUST CUZ grim was on it, you dick hole. i dont give 2 shits and a rabbit dick if you vote on my personal shit or not u feel me ? I entered your crib before nigga like real talk real talk you and whoever would try stand up for you if i came through just aint worth my time of the fuckin day cuz i KNOW at the end ima feel like a fuckin bully, that aint me linx.. maybe sometimes accidentally but if i can catch it before i do it i ain't gonna bully some pussy nigga.. like dead ass Mark told me everything about how niggas used to roast you at job corps and shit and how you used to snitch on niggas for stayin up late and shit.. come on my nigga do i look like the type of dude to pound on a nigga like that ? this shit BEEN not worth it before it even started nigga.. so for you to spit all this "you never come to my hood" type shit is jus retarded cuz its somethin you DON'T want.. jus do you and leave me out of it my nigga i got money to make and bitches to fuck.. like for real my g i aint worried bout nothin more than that.. i couldnt give 3 or 4 fucks about you.. if you gonna reply wit ya whack ass jokes or recycle a punchline or somethin then go ODEE hard cuz we not gonna be in this position again.. next time mack got ANYTHING to do wit Linx its gonna be in the hood and whateva happens happens after that nigga.

pussy n***a?? say that to my face and watch you get smacked

i def ain't pussy i just don't go around looking for trouble and act like im hard

i never snitched on anyone, i dunno if you ever been to jc but we dead ass had to wake up at 5 in the fuckin mornin JUST to go to work

like seriously i was tryna get my life togther, these bum ass n***as was arguing over dumb shit being MAD LOUD at like 3 in the morning CHILL i didn't get to sleep that whole night lol

if mark wants to talk about the truth then he should bring up the time i had that n***a in a headlock and almost broke his neck

everyone respected me for being cool calm collective and mature
if n***as use to clown on me all the time then me and mark wouldn't be cool

like c'mon the n***a just hit me up a few days ago lol and trust me n***as told me a lot of shit about you too, idc how many bitches you claim to bag all im saying is that your so called wife came to your crib with a KH game and you claim to get pussy....james told me you get non.....lipz has said a lot of shit behind your back.....that's how most of ya n***as work

MOST of ya talk mad shit about each other then act like ya best buds when ya in person lol

andrew is cool cause he dead came at me with some real shit.......i told you to listen to my songs and you said no......just cause i decided to review grims songs doesn't mean i wanna listen to your shit

you a fan my n***a, i promoted your bum ass music and you came to ME for advice when you didn't know what to do about your music

rakoon is pussy.....fake....fat....and a bum

same goes for you

and imma keep saying that even after i get a deal so unless ya n***as bury me 6 feet under imma keep talking my shit

simple......go sell someone elses dreamcast you broke ass n***a lol

tell rak to stick to them milk and cookies, i heard you be selling drugs now? lmaoo what a joke


lol nigga since the day we declared beef i never saw your face again.. and u live around the corner. you ARE pussy. u wont never come fight and all the disrespect we gave you to your face was more than enough reason to come stand your ground. you sit there spittin false lies to boost ya confidence we jus gotta be ourselves and the people boost our confidence for us, you won't ever relate.

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